East of Scotland Begonia Society

Annual Show 2011

                   This section contains cut bloom exhibitsClasses1 to 10

Class 1.       Six blooms on a board 

Class 1.  6 blooms.   1st Jim Evans  ( Scottish Begonia Society Trophy)

Walk Tall, Seedling, Can Can, Fiona Ramsay, Tom Brownlee, Ruby Young.


Class 1. 6 Blooms .  2nd  Robert Ritchie.

Isobel Keenan, Isobel Keenan, Fiona Ramsay, Jessie Wright, Ann Crawford, George McCormick.


Class1.  6 Blooms  3rd,     Joyce Evans

Ann Crawford, Hazel Margaret, Graham Smith, Ann Crawford, Nichola Coates, Christina Barclay. 


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