East of Scotland Begonia Society

Annual Show 2013

This section contains  Pots and  Blooms together, as an exhibit.

Class 11. 3 Pots and 3 Blooms

Class 11.        1st.                   Rab Ritchie,Kettlebridge.

Winner of the ARTS FESTIVAL TROPHY Best exhibit in Class 11

3 Pots,         Vera Coates        Powder Puff          Vera Coates

3 Blooms,      Coppelia          John Harrison       Jessie Wright


Class 11.       2nd                  Neil Moreland, Leven

3 Pots,      Charlotte           Sweet Dreams     Daisy Trinder

3 Blooms,   John Harrison   Daisy Trinder    John Harrison


New section

Intermediate section


Class 21. One Plant in pot and One bloom on board

Class 21.          1st                    Neil Moreland, Leven.

Varieties. Pot.                                  Kookaburra

               Bloom.                         Alexander William


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