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This section gives guidance for transporting Cut Blooms.

     The cut blooms being transported to the flower show after being cut off the begonia plant requires a supply of fluid to prevent them from collapsing, the most readily available is clear lemonade ( Not sugar free ). 

     Many experienced growers use a staging staging solution mixed to the recipe below.  The end of the cut flower stem is immersed in the fluid immediately after being cut from the plant and kept immersed for transport and while on display at the flower show. The two containers commonly used for transport are plastic drinking cups or Orchid tubes, for display at the flower show plastic cups are used sunk into the display boards.

Staging solution recipe.

1 teaspoon of Milton

1 teaspoon of Alum

8 teaspoons of Glucose

add to each gallon of water for usable mixture.


Construction ideas using  a simple Florists Box, ( and using orchid tubes to supply staging solution or clear lemonade to the bloom for the duration of the journey to the show ).

The one we are using is a box for transporting Lilies,these are the largest of the regular boxes used and are readily available at most florists.


           Measure out four lengths of 50mm deep Polystyrene to fit box.  The width of two of the polystyrene strips are width of box minus 35mm leaving clear space at the centre of the box into which you can fit your orchid tubes.

Fit each length of polystyrene into position and secure using a silicone sealer.

          Continue as shown above with first layer, when complete begin fitting second lengths directly above the first and again secure with silicone. 

           Here you can see the two layers of polystyrene in position and secured with silicone. 

             You can for a more secure fixing of polystyrene strips add little fillets of polystyrene at each end and one in the centre, they will not obstruct the orchid tubes in these positions and may give more peace of mind.

       Cut four lengths of 12mm thick wadding and fit two along each polystyrene strip,secure with very small dabs of silicons just enough to keep in position. This  wadding acts as a shock absorber for the blooms whilst in transit

       Above you can see the orchid tubes into which you fit the begonia bloom stem.  You can also see the cardboard bloom circles which are fitted behind the begonia bloom at bud stage and are only removed when placing your bloom on a board at the show.

Above you can see a completed box with circles in position, it should also be stated that some exhibitors go one stage further with their box and drive in four kebab sticks ( cut short )  at each circle to prevent the circles moving along box if it is tilted.  These are left in position, no need to move them.

Above you can see the box with lid fitted, it is a good idea to fit lids to prevent anything accidentally dropping into box in transit or at the show or even keeping rain off  the blooms. 



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