East of Scotland Begonia Society

Annual Show 2016

This section contains  Pots and  Blooms together, as an exhibit.

Class 11. 3 Pots and 3 Blooms

Class 11.        1st.                George Wilson  Ladybank.

Winner of the ARTS FESTIVAL TROPHY Best exhibit in Class 11

3 Pots,          Roy Hartley          Sweet Dreams    Vera Coates   

3 Blooms,    Tequila Sunrise    Tequila Sunrise    Tequila Sunrise



Class 11.       2nd                  Neil Moreland, Leven

3 Pots,         George McCormick  Charlotte   Powder Puff

3 Blooms,    Sweet Dreams     Tequila Sunrise   Fanfare


Class 11.       3rd               Robert Ritchie   Kettlebridge

3 Pots,           Vera Coates     Isobel Keenan      Sweet Dreams

3 Blooms,        Falstaff              Falstaff                Falstaff


New section



Class 23 One Pot and One Bloom

Class 23.       1st               Bob Bond  Freuchie

  1Pot                                     Gay Gordon

  1Bloom                              Jenny Barclay


Front view of the 3 Pot & 3 bloom entries


Another view of the 3pot & 3 bloom Class